Rough Notes

New year, new blog

11 Feb 2024

Ok, we are already in February, but I’m still trying to figure out my New Year’s resolutions.

Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

The setup

I’m keeping the blog in GitHub Pages and using a newer version of Jekyll with a new theme.

I’m trying Obsidian as the editing tool, as suggested in this thread.

The site uses GA4 to collect basic analytics info. I didn’t find any free alternative. Feel free to ping me if you know of one.

The goal

Just to practice writing. It is a critical skill for an engineering manager and for any remote worker. Writing helps you to have more clarity, to think more carefully, and to communicate better.

It is also a good way to force me to learn: I pretend there are people reading me so I try to explain things in a way anybody can understand them. And that is one of the best ways I know to learn.

The key

Consistency. As with some many things in life. We’ll see.